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CSR is receiving increasingly more attention Europe. The world is changing and so is Boels.

What does this mean in practice? In any case: sustainable purchasing, no discrimination, fair and social agreements and focusing closely on reducing environmental impact.We think it is important to limit the environmental impact of our activities in our catchment area. This is why we implement an active environmental policy, which includes using sustainable products with increased recycling possibilities. Reducing our energy and water consumption is also an important focus point. Our environmental policy is applied to our own business assets and the items we rent out to customers. Examples of the measures we have taken in this area are given below.

  • We believe the sustainable purchasing is a key factor, which is why we only invest in leading brands and makes;
  • When buying diesel-driven machines, such as aerial work platforms and excavators, we choose models with an ultra-low emission Tier 3 engine;
  • Overpressure cabins with or without particle filters are dominant in our assortment of earth-moving equipment. By reducing the amount of noise nuisance and harmful emissions, this helps create a better environment;
  • New heavy machines are fitted with a Global Positioning System that also monitors the functioning of the engine and determines whether the fuel consumption is excessive;
  • When selecting new generators, we choose products with a low fuel consumption and low-noise operation;
  • Boels' angle grinders can be fitted with the only officially tested dust extraction system (TNO). Machines such as vibrating plates are fitted with low-vibration handles to avoid back problems, etc.;
  • We rent out decontamination units for asbestos abatement;
  • All new trucks used within the Boels organisation meet requirements of the EUR-4 emission standard, and by adding Ad-Blue, they even meet the requirements of the EUR-5 standard. Trucks over 3.5 tonnes comply with the EUR-5 when they are purchased. This has radically reduced our environmental impact. The smaller trucks we have purchased meet the Enhanced Environmentally-friendly Vehicle standards, which is a precursor to the EUR-6 standards;
  • All cars with a diesel engine are fitted with a soot filter;
  • Baines provides biodegradable oil in order to reduce air pollution;
  • We sell and use Aspen fuel that has exhaust gases that contain practically no substances that are harmful to people;
  • The liquid in our Bio Box chemical toilets is biodegradable and carbon neutral, which means no environmentally-harmful substances are released when it is discharged;
  • Our branches have an oil/petrol separator, washing lane with a waterproof floor and extraction systems with heavy-duty filters;
  • The warehouses at our branches are not heated, but are well-insulated in order to minimise energy consumption;
  • We have intensively studied our waste flows and recycle whenever possible.

We also have our carbon footprint analysed every year by a certified independent body in order to be able to report transparently to our customers.

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