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15 apríla 2021

The current times make it difficult for an employee and an employer of large projects in the construction, industry or maritime sectors. Ensuring health and safety is a challenge. Therefore, rapid Corona tests are used to grant safe access to a project site. IQ-Pass - partner of Boels - has developed a solution for this: IQ-Soft access control linked to (negative) rapid Corona tests.

In order to detect a possible contamination at an early stage, many organisations already periodically use rapid tests. In this way, they can guarantee employee safety and prevent a possible outbreak. For example, an employee must take a rapid test every 7 days. By using rapid tests, several people can work together again on large projects.

Access in case of a negative rapid test
In order to ensure that only employees, contractors and/or visitors with a negative test are granted access, IQ-Soft, our contractor management and access control software, has an additional option. In this option the security officer not only sees the qualifications, documentation and data, but also the validity of the negative test result is kept up to date. As soon as the validity of the test has expired, access is blocked. When a negative test is shown again, the expiry date of the test is updated. This way the person has access again. With this working method IQ-Soft supports the control and registration of the tests and always provides insight in one system whether people have access.

Covid-19 Statement
Providing a safe working environment to their employees is a labour-intensive matter for an employer in the current COVID-19 era. By using IQ-Soft this process is considerably simplified. IQ-soft offers the possibility to present your employee with a series of questions within the framework of COVID-19 screening online.  The data is automatically processed before your employee reports to the work place. This saves you, the employer, and your employees a lot of time on site.

IQ-Soft - Contractor Management Software
IQ-Soft can be applied as a temporary or permanent solution. For example, access control and presence registration, an extensive pre-registration of contractors by your subcontractors and the registration of hours worked on projects. The software has a particularly large number of functionalities, has a modular structure and is based on a very powerful and secure cloud solution. IQ-Soft supports you in complying with laws and regulations and ensures an enormous efficiency improvement in the registration of people.

We’re here to help you
For direct tailor-made advice, call +31 (0)346-800100 or send an e-mail to info@iq-pass.com. Discover all IQ Pass access control solutions at www.iq-pass.com.

About IQ Pass
IQ Pass covers the entire field of access control management. From turnstiles to barriers, from automated access control to attendance registration. Always delivered and installed within 24 hours. The company has clients in industry, construction, the maritime sector, offshore and offices and data centres. Since 2017 IQ Pass has been part of Boels Rental.

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